Laboratory Identifications and Relations -- Face

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Face - Anterior View

  1. Platysma muscle - arising from skin and inferior border of mandible, extending inferiorly to level of second rib
  2. Supraorbital n.a.- lateral to trochlea for superior opbique, extending superiorly along superficial aspect of frontalis
  3. Supratrochlear n.a. - superior to trochlea for superior oblique, distributing to angle between orbit and naison
  4. Infratrochlear n.a. - inferior to trochlea for superior oblique, distributing to angle between orbit and nose
  5. Infraorbital n.a. - posterior (deep) to levator labii superiorus
  6. Lacrimal n. - piercing orbital septum in upper lateral quandrant (not easily seen)
  7. Orbital septum - continuous with periosteum of orbital rim
  8. Lateral palpebral lig. - attaching superior and inferior tarsal plates to orbital rim
  9. Medial palbebral lig. - attaching superior and inferior tarsal plates to orbital rim
  10. Lacrimal sac - posterior inferior and posterior superior to medial palprebral lig.
  11. Mental n. - posterior to mentalis and 3 cm lateral to midline
  12. Superior and inferior labial arteries - branches of facial a. near lateral aspect of upper and lower lip
  13. Angular a. - extension of facial a. near angle of nose
  14. External nose - nasal cartilages (septum, alar)

Face - Lateral View

  1. Parotid duct - crossing lateral surface of masseter, entering buccinator muscle near upper 2nd molar
  2. Facial nerve - visible passing through substance of parotid gland
    1. temporal branch - crossing temporal bone (squamous part) anterior to ear
    2. zygomatic branch - crossing zygomatic arch, coursing toward obicularis occuli
    3. buccal branch - crossing masseter and providing motor supply to buccinator, passing through buccal fat pad
    4. mandibular branch - crossing mandible toward obicularis oris
    5. cervical branch - crossing mandible to provide motor to platysma
  3. Buccal nerve - crossing medial (deep) to masseter through buccal fat pad, deep branch pierces buccinator to provide sensory to oral mucosa
  4. Buccal branch of facial n. - crossing lateral to masseter to supply SVE to buccinator m.
  5. Buccal n. - crossing medial to masseter to supply GSA to mucosa and skin of buccal region (V3)
  6. Facial a. - crossing body of mandible anterior to masseter m., passing through submandibular gland
  7. Inferior labial a. - branching from facial
  8. Superior labial a. - branching from facial (possible common trunk for inferior and superior labial arteries)
  9. Facial vein - paralleling course of facial artery, posterior to facial artery
  10. External ear
    1. Helix
    2. Antihelix
    3. Tragus
    4. Lobule

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