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The Structural Basis of Medical Practice (SBMP) - Identifications: Vertebral Canal and Suboccipital Region

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Vertebral Canal

  1. supraspinous ligament - continous across the posterior surface of the spines (ligamentum nuchae in cervical region)
  2. Interspinous ligament - between each spine
  3. Ligamentum flavum - between the lamina
  4. Lamina - between spine and pedicle
  5. Epidural fat
  6. Posterior internal vertebral venous plexus - between ligamentum flavum and thecal sac
  7. Dura mater of spinal cord
  8. Denticulate ligament - extension of pia from cord to lateral wall of thecal sac
  9. Ventral and posterior roots of cord
  10. Dorsal root ganglion (sensory ganglion) - within intervertebral foramen
  11. Posterior longitudinal ligament - making up part of anterior border of spinal canal

Suboccipital Region

  1. Occipital artery - crossing superior nuchael line
  2. Greater occipital nerve - crossing superior nuchal line medial to occipital artery
  3. Rectus capitus posterior minor - inferior nuchal line to arch of atlas
  4. Rectus capitis posterior major - inferior nuchal line to spine of axis
  5. Obliquus capitus superior - inferior nuchal line to transvers process of atlas
  6. Obliquus capitus inferior - transverse process of atlas to spine of axis
  7. Vertebral artery - passing through transverse foramen and crossing groove of atlas and entering posterior atlantooccipital membrane
  8. Suboccipital nerve - within the boundaries of the triangle and providing motor innervation
  9. Greater occipital nerve - crossing inferior border of obliquus capitus inferior

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