Laboratory Identifications and Relations -- Anterior Triangle

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  1. Anterior belly of digastric muscle - at digastric fossa of mandible
  2. Posterior belly of digastric muscle - originating from digastric groove of  temporal bone
  3. Mylohyoid muscle - originating from mylohyoid line
  4. Thyrohyoid membrane - between thyroid cartilage and hyoid bone
  5. Thyrohyoid muscle - between thyroid cartilage and hyoid bone, innervated by nerve to thyrohyoid
  6. Cricothyroid membrane - between cricoid cartilage and thyroid cartilage
  7. Cricothyroid muscle - between circoid cartilage and thyroid cartilage, tenses vocal ligament, external laryngeal nerve
  8. Sternothyroid muscle - innervated by ansa cervicalis
  9. Sternohyoid muscle - innervated by ansa cervicalis
  10. Superior belly omohyoid - innervated by ansa cervicalis, omohyoid fascia
  11. Posterior belly omohyoid
  12. Thyroid gland - isthmus anterior to first, second, and third tracheal rings
  13. Laryngeal prominence - "adams apple"
  14. Vagus nerve - within carotid sheath, posterior to common carotid artery
  15. Recurrent laryngeal nerve - traveling within tracheoesophageal groove
  16. Superior laryngeal nerve - branching from region of nodose ganglion
  17. Internal laryngeal nerve - piercing thyrohyoid membrane
  18. External laryngeal nerve - SVE only, terminating at cricothyroid muscle
  19. Lingual nerve - crossing superior aspect of hyoglossus, deep to mylohyoid
  20. Hypoglossal nerve - crossing inferior aspect of hyoglossus, deep to mylohyoid
  21. Nerve to mylohyoid - inferior to mylohyoid along body of mandible, branches to mylohyoid and superior belly digastric
  22. Facial nerve (digastric br.) - innervation to posterior belly digastric
  23. Superior thyroid artery - early branch (usually first) of external carotid artery
  24. Inferior thyroid artery - branch of thyrocervical trunk, crosses posterior to carotid sheath
  25. Superior laryngeal artery - branching from superior thyroid artery
  26. Auriculotemporal nerve - entering parotid region posterior to neck of mandible
  27. Facial nerve - entering parotid gland, leaving stylomastoid foramen
  28. Nerve to thyrohyoid - branching from hypoglossal nerve (not part of hypoglossal nerve)
  29. Superior root ansa cervicalis - branching from hypoglossal nerve (not part of hypoglossal nerve)
  30. Inferior root ansa cervicalis - ascending toward cervical plexus
  31. Lingual artery - branching from external carotid, passing toward floor of mouth medial to hyoglossus
  32. Facial artery - branching from external carotid, passing through submandibular gland, crossing mandible anterior to masseter
  33. Occipital artery - closely related to hypoglossal nerve
  34. Ascending pharyngeal artery - related to pharynx
  35. Posterior auricular artery - good luck
  36. Maxillary artery - entering infratemporal fossa
  37. Superficial temporal artery - terminal branch of external carotid artery, entering temporal fossa
  38. Submandibular gland - wrapping posterior free edge of mylohyoid
  39. Artery to Sternomastoid - crossing medial then lateral to hypoglossal nerve

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