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  1. Dissection - Laminectomy and Exposure of the Vertebral Canal
  2. Laminectomy and Exposure of the Spinal Cord
  3. Vertebral Column Complete
  4. Vertebral Column - Thorax
  5. Ligaments of the Vertebral Column - Saggital View (Lumbar Vertebrae)
  6. Ligaments of the Vertebral Column - Posterior Vertebral Canal
  7. Ligaments of the Vertebral Column - Anterior Verbebral Canal
  8. Spinal Cord within the Verbebral Canal
  9. Inferior Spinal Cord, Dural Sac, and Filum Terminale
  10. Spinal Cord Enlargements, Disk Herniation, and Nerve Compression
  11. Arteries of the Spinal Cord
  12. Anterior and Posterior Internal Vertebral Plexus
  13. Meninges of the Spinal Cord
  14. Vertebral Canal and Spinal Cord - Spaces
  15. Suboccipital Triangle
  16. Suboccipital Triangle - Drawing
  17. Lumbar Puncture - Drawing

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