Parotid Region - Laboratory Identifications

Temporomandibular Joint and Parotid Region

  • Mastoid process
  • Styloid process
  • Stylomastoid foramen
  • External acoustic meatus
  • Postglenoid tubercle
  • Mandibular fossa
  • Articular tubercle
  • Condyle
  • Mandibular notch
  • Masseteric artery
  • Masseteric nerve
  • Coronoid process
  • Articular capsule
  • Superior synovial cavity
  • Articular Disk
  • Inferior synovial cavity
  • Superior head of lateral pterygoid
  • Inferior head of lateral pterygoid
  • Posterior fibers of temporalis
  • Anterior fibers of temporalis
  • Facial nerve
  • Auriculotemporal nerve
  • Communicating branch (parasympathetics)
  • Posterior belly digastric
  • Stylohyoid muscle
  • Lesser occipital nerve
  • Great auricular nerve
  • Parotid Gland


  • condyle - site of insertion for inferior head lateral pterygoid muscle
  • neck - anterior to external auditory canal
  • coronoid process - insertion of temporalis muscle
  • mandibular notch - transmits masseteric artery and nerve to masseter muscle
  • ramus - lateral boarder of infratemporal fossa, retromandibular vein, maxillary artery, parotid gland
  • angle - near level of lingula (medial surface)
  • body - most commonly broken bone in males, fracture puts inferior alveolar nerve and artery at risk
  • inferior alveolar process - base of teeth
  • mandibular foramen - transmits inferior alveolar nerve and artery into mandible, inferior to lingula
  • lingula - site of attachment of sphenomandibular ligament
  • digastric fossa - origin of anterior belly of digastric muscle
  • superior and inferior mental spine - origin of genioglossus and geniohyoid muscles
  • sphenomandibular ligament - from spine of sphenoid to lingula, limits depression of the mandible
  • mental foramen - transmits mental nerve and artery (continuation of inferior alveolar nerve)
  • inferior alveolar nerve and artery - provides the inferior dental plexus
  • inferior dental plexus
  • temporalis muscle - arises from temporal fossa, medial to zygomatic arch, inserts on coronoid process and anterior ramus
  • masseter muscle - arises from zygomatic arch, inserts on lateral body and angle of mandible
  • medial pterygoid muscle - originates from medial aspect of lateral pterygoid plate, inserts on medial body
  • mental nerve and artery


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