Lecture 08. Sole of the Foot, Ankle and Arches.

Lecturer: L. Urbanik. Grants 16th Dissector Pages 216-221.

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Learning Objectives

Know the anatomical relationships and clinical significance of:
  1. Identify important bony landmarks of the foot and ankle.
  2. Understand the movements of the joints of the foot and ankle.
  3. Understand the ligamentous support of the ankle.
  4. Know the positions, actions and innervations of the muscles of the foot.
  5. Discuss the innervation and blood supply to the sole of the foot.
  6. Discuss the medial longitudinal, lateral longitudinal and transverse plantar arches.
  7. Understand the ligaments and major musculature supporting the arches.
  8. ...
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True/False Questions

  1. Place true/false question #01 here.
  2. Place additional true/false questions here.
  3. ...
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Essay Questions

  1. A 31-year-old male steps on a nail with his right foot. Imaging reveals that the nail has entered the foot distal to the calcaneus and proximal to the base of the 1st metatarsal. Discuss structures related to the medial longitudinal arch including bones, ligaments, muscles, and neurovasculature. Which structures could be compromised?
  2. ...
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Laboratory Identifications and Relationships (Non-exhaustive)

  1. Place laboratory identification and relationship 01 here.
  2. Place laboratory identification and relationship here.
  3. ...
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