Human Gross Anatomy - Answer Guide for Pelvis, Abdomen, and Perineum Essay Examination (36 pts)

September 05, 2003

(The following is a guide to answering the questions and is not the "answer.")

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[Transverse Colon ] [ Uterus, Uterine Tube, and Ovary ] [ Boundaries of Scarpa's fascia ]
  1. Discuss the anatomy of the transverse colon. Include structure, support, relationships, innervation, vasculature, and lymphatics. (12 pts)

  2. Provide a comprehensive review of the uterus, uterine tubes, and ovary. Include structure, support, relationships, vasculature, innervation, lymphatic drainage, and function. (12 pts)

  3. Discuss the boundaries of Scarpa's fascia and its derivatives with respect to the containment of urine.  Specify the fascial layers associated with the accumulation of urine.  Discuss whether urine will be found in the ischiorectal fossa. (12 pts)

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