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The Structural Basis of Medical Practice (SBMP) - Radiology of Lower Extremity

The College of Medicine at The Pennsylvania State University

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[ Structural Basis of Medical Practice ]

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Lower Extremity




Learning Objectives:

PLEASE Do not touch films with gloves, pens, sharp instruments, etc.

Radiographic Anatomy Of The Foot

Metatarsals Cuneiforms Navicular Cuboid Talus Calcaneus

Slide 9

Slide 10

Slide 11

Slide 12

Fell from ladder

Angiographic Anatomy of the Lower Extremity

Slide 15

Slide 16

Posterior Knee

Anterior Knee

Anterior Ankle

AP Knee

Lateral Ankle

66YO smoker, claudication

Following angioplasty

MR Anatomy of the Knee

Left Knee From Above

Quadriceps tendon Patella Meniscus Anterior horn Posterior horn Patella tendon

Slide 27

Knee MR, Medial

Anterior cruciate Lateral meniscus Fibula

Right Knee, Posterior View

Slide 31

Slide 32

32 YO man, knee pain

Slide 34

Slide 35

Slide 36

Slide 37

Slide 38

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