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Back: Skeleton, Muscles, Function - True/False

1. The atlas and the axis primarily mediate flexion/extension and rotation respectively.
2. Muscle of the suboccipital region attach near the inferior nuchal line and trapezius inserts along the superior nuchal line.
3. Movement of the scapula toward the spinous process demonstrates protraction of the scapula.
4. Upward rotation of the scapula is mostly achieved by the supraspinatus and deltoid muscles.
5. Latissimus dorsi, but not teres major, provides downward rotation of the scapula.
7. Serratus anterior acts to retract and upwardly rotate the scapula.
8. A transverse line across the iliac crests intersects the L3/4 vertebral space.
9. The iliolumbar ligament connects the iliac crest to the L4/5 vertebrae.
10. The spinous processes of the thoracic vertebrae are distinguished by bifid processes.
11. Generally, the medial branches of dorsal rami are sensory and the lateral branches are motor.
12. The greater occipital nerve passes through semispinalis capitis and trapezius, but not splenius capitis.
13. The dorsal ramus of C1 does not have a cutaneous distribution.
14. Inferior the to the superior nuchal line the occipital artery is medial to the greater occipital nerve.
15. Latissimus dorsi inserts at the floor of the intertubercular sulcus between the insertions of pectoralis major and rectus major capitis.
16. Upper and lower fibers of trapezius insert medial and lateral on the scapular spine respectively.
17. Trapezius and serratus anterior primarily participate in the first 60 degrees of abduction of the upper limb.
18. Rhombiodius major and minor are both innervated by the suprascapular nerve.
19. Erector spinae muscles are innervated by dorsal rami and serratus posterior/inferior are innervated by ventral rami.
20. Serratus posterior superior assists in inspiration by way of raising the sternum (pump handle).

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