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Re: Interior of Skull and Dural Sinuses

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Posted by Michelle on December 09, 2014 at 16:06:14:

In Reply to: Interior of Skull and Dural Sinuses posted by lae2 on September 27, 2013 at 14:52:21:

: 1. The region of the interior of the skull that corresponds to the pterion is grooved by the posterior branch of the anterior meningeal artery. FALSE anterior branch

: 2. The posterior lip of the optic chiasm contributes to the border between the anterior and middle cranial fossae. TRUE

: 3. The superior petrosal ridge is a topography of the temporal bone that contributes a border between the middle and posterior cranial fossae. TRUE

: 4. The dural sinuses are lined by endothelial cells. TRUE

: 5. There is a bias of venous drainage so that the right transverse sinus is typically larger than the left transverse sinus. TRUE

: 6. The confluence of the great vein of Galen and the inferior sagittal forms the straight sinus. TRUE

: 7. The intercavernous sinuses are within the diaphragma sellae. TRUE

: Essay
: 1. Both internal jugular veins can be ligated while adequate intracranial venous drainage remains intact. Explain.

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