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True/False Questions Abdominal Cavity Part II

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Posted by lae2 on September 23, 2017 at 12:52:20:

1. The ligamentum teres hepatis is a remnant of the right umbilical vein.
2. The left colic flexure is approximately 1 vertebral level lower than the right colic flexure.
3. All of the large intestine is intraperitoneal and parts of the small intestine are retroperitoneal.
4. The phrenicocolic ligament provides a shelf for the spleen and a cap for the left paracolic gutter.
5. The appendix is suspended from the right colic flexure by the mesoappendix.
6. The esophagus enters the abdomen at the level of the 10th thoracic vertebra.
7. Appendices epiploicae are characteristic of the jejunum but not the ileum.
8. The four parts of the duodenum are; part I, part II, part III, and part IV.
9. Part IV of the duodenum ascends one vertebral level lower than part III.
10. The descending duodenum provides the inferior border of the epiploic foramen.
11. The caudate lobe of the liver provides the superior border of the epiploic foramen.
12. The epiploic foramen provides a communication between the left and right halves of the peritoneal cavity.
13. The rectosigmoid junction marks a site of transition from intraperitoneal to retroperitoneal along the alimentary canal.
14. The pylorus is immediately proximal to the descending duodenum.
15. The hepatoduodenal ligament contains the common bile duct, proper hepatic artery, and portal vein.
16. The hepatogastric ligament contains the left and right gastric arteries.
17. The anterior wall of the stomach faces the pancreas.
18. The bare area of the liver (don't feed the bares) is defined by reflections of the coronary ligament.
19. The hepatorenal ligament, in part, forms a boundary of the hepatorenal recess.
20. The ligamentum venosum is a site of attachment for the hepatogastric ligament.

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