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True/False Questions Abdominal Cavity

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Posted by lae2 on September 22, 2017 at 23:14:50:

1. The umbilical folds are folds of visceral peritoneum.
2. The majority of the live is covered by parietal peritoneum
3. The pancreas is secondarily retroperitoneal and the aorta is primary retroperitoneal.
4. The lesser omentum is made up of the hepatoduodenal and gastroduodenal ligaments.
5. The greater omentum is derived from dorsal mesentary.
6. The gastrolienal and lienorenal ligaments are derived from ventral mesentery.
7. The gastroduodenal and falciform ligaments have free edges of ventral mesentery.
8. The ligamentum teres hepatis and the paraumbilical veins are within the falciform ligament.
9. The lesser omentum is attached along the lesser curvature of the stomach.
10. The transverse colon is secondarily retroperitoneal.
11. The sigmoid colon is suspended by the transverse mesocolon.
12. The taeniae coli are three in number.
13. The duodenojejunal flexure is supported by the ligament of Treitz.

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