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Re: Perineum Part I.

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Posted by lae2 on October 12, 2017 at 12:31:06:

In Reply to: Re: Perineum Part I. posted by Daniel on October 11, 2017 at 08:46:38:

: : True/False

: : 1. The posterior border of the urogenital triangle is at the posterior free edge of the urogenital diaphragm.
: True Disagree. Know definition.
: : 2. In the female, the urogenital triangle includes passage of the vagina and rectum.
: False, should not contain rectum. Agree.
: : 3. The conjoint rami and pubic symphysis define the anterior and lateral boundaries of the urogenital triangle.
: True Agree.
: : 4. The lesser sciatic foramen provides an osseofibrous communication between the gluteal region and the potential space defined by Scarpa's fascia.
: False, Gluteal and ischiorectal fossa? Agree.
: : 5. The deep dorsal vein of the penis drains into the external pudendal vein.
: False, prostatic venous plexus? Agree.
: : 6. The deep dorsal vein passes from the pelvis to the penis.
: True Agree. Please do not have angst over direction of passing.
: : 7. The dorsal nerve passes from the ischiorectal fossa to the penis.
: True Agree.
: : 8. The deep branch of the perineal nerve passes from the ischiorectal fossa to the superficial pouch by passing through the superficial perineal fascia.
: Sounds good to me. True Agree. May also pierce posterior free edge to enter deep pouch and then inferior fascia to enter superficial pouch.
: : 9. The deep artery passes through the deep pouch and then the tunica albuginea of the corpus spongiosum.
: False, Corpus cavernosum? Agree.
: : 10. The dorsal nerve passes superficial to tunica albuginea and deep to Buck's fascia.
: True Agree.
: : 11. The dorsal artery travels lateral to the dorsal nerve as these two structures are on the dorsum of the clitoris.
: False, should be VAN. Agree.
: : 12. The superior and inferior fascia combine at the anterior free edge of the urogenital diaphragm to form the arcuate ligament.
: False, transverse perineal ligament. Agree.
: : 13. The frenulum of the clitoris is posterior the prepuce of the clitoris.
: False, should be the most inferior aspect of the clitoris. Disagree. Posterior or inferior. Oblique orientation.
: : 14. The glans of the penis and the glans of the clitoris are derived from the corpora cavernosa.
: False, spongiosum? Agree. What about glans clitoris?
: : 15. Despite that they are innervated by the somatic nervous system, the ischiocavernosus and bulbospongiosus muscles may, at times, contract involuntarily.
: True, best defense when running from a sabertooth tiger. Agree. Saber is apt to say "ruh roh."
: : 16. The frenulum of the labia
: Not sure how to answer this one! Agree.
: : 17. An episiotomy may include surgical incision of the posterior labial commissure and perineal body, but in most cases, not the frenulum of the labia (fourchette).
: False, is it not an oblique cut that avoids the perineal body? You know too much. The perineal body is involved. Because it is relatively avascular; problems with healing my occur. Like linea alba.
: : 18. The paraurethral glands secrete fluids into the membranous urethra.
: True Agree.
: : 19. The bulbourethral glands secrete fluids into the spongy urethra.
: True Agree.
: : 20. Scarpa's membranous tela subcutanea of the penis (Colles fascia) attaches to Buck's fascia at the base of the glans.
: True Agree.

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