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Re: Pelvic Viscera Part I.

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Posted by lae2 on October 12, 2017 at 11:22:58:

In Reply to: Re: Pelvic Viscera Part I. posted by Daniel on October 11, 2017 at 08:14:47:

: : True/False.

: : 1. The retropubic space provides surgical access to the pubovesical ligament without the need to enter the peritoneal cavity.
: True, not sure. Agree.
: : 2. The seminal vesicle lies posterior to the bladder and medial to the ampulla of the vas deferens.
: True, it does lie posterior, not positive about the ampulla. Disagree. Select seminal vesicle. Right mouse click. Search. Images (careful about words). Bioinformatics.
: : 3. The rectouterine pouch is a subperitoneal space posterior to the fundus of the uterus and anterior to the rectum.
: True Disagree.
: : 4. The vesicouterine pouch is a subperitoneal space posterior to the bladder and anterior to the uterus.
: True Disagree. Pouches are of peritoneum. Can't be subperitoneal.
: : 5. The most inferior extent of the peritoneal cavity in the female is the vesicouterine pouch.
: False, Rectouterine. Agree. Appreciate that I was intentional in writing peritoneal cavity and not abdominal cavity.
: : 6. The rectovesicle pouch is unique to the male.
: True. Agree.
: : 7. The presacral pouch contains the inferior hypogastric and the sacral plexuses.
: True. Disagree. There is not a presacral pouch. Presacral space.
: : 8. The cardinal ligament (lateral sacral ligament, Mackenrodt ligament) is derived from pelvic visceral fascia.
: Im gonna go with false. Disagree.
: : 9. The puboprostatic ligament is derived from Scarpa's fascia.
: False Agree.
: : 10. The pubosacral ligamentous complex is derived from parietal pelvic fascia.
: False Agree.
: : 11. Perivisceral fascia is derived from pelvic visceral fascia.
: True Agree.
: : 12. Pelvic visceral fascia is continuous with extraperitoneal connective tissue.
: True, aren't they synonymous? Disagree. Depends on location.
: : 13. Periprostatic fascia is thickened at the posterior prostate and, at this location, is known as the fascia of Denonvillier.
: True. Agree.
: : 14. The prostatic venous plexus is within periprostatic fascia.
: True Agree.
: : 15. The arcus tendineus is derived from parietal pelvic fascia (watch out here).
: False, Obturator internus fascia? Agree.
: : 16. Parietal pelvic fascia is continuous with transversalis fascia.
: False Disagree. Location.
: : 17. The inferior fascia of the pelvic diaphragm is pelvic parietal fascia.
: True Disagree. Faces the ischiorectal fossa. Thus, can not be of the wall of the pelvic basin.
: : 18. Contained within the broad ligament are two named fibrous ligaments.
: True, cardinal, round? Agree. But cardinal is not in broad ligament - subperitoneal. Ovarian and round.
: : 19. Lymphatic channels passing through the broad ligament communicate with upper lumber nodes and superficial inguinal nodes.
: True Agree. Internal iliac as well.
: : 20. Visceral and fibrous ligaments contribute to stabilizing the uterus.
: True? Agree. be able to discuss this.

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