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Re: True/False Questions Abdominal Cavity Part II

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Posted by lae2 on October 06, 2017 at 07:56:51:

In Reply to: Re: True/False Questions Abdominal Cavity Part II posted by CLP on October 02, 2017 at 09:01:55:

: 1. The ligamentum teres hepatis is a remnant of the right umbilical vein.
: a. False: Left umbilical vein Agree.

: 2. The left colic flexure is approximately 1 vertebral level lower than the right colic flexure.
: a. False: 1 vertebral level higher (~T3) Agree. But not at T3!!!

: 3. All of the large intestine is intraperitoneal and parts of the small intestine are retroperitoneal.
: a. False: Ascending and descending colon are secondary retroperitoneal while transverse and sigmoid are intraperitoneal Agree. Small intestine?

: 4. The phrenicocolic ligament provides a shelf for the spleen and a cap for the left paracolic gutter.
: a. True Agree. And supports the ?

: 5. The appendix is suspended from the right colic flexure by the mesoappendix.
: a. False: suspended from the cecum or ascending colon Agree. Contents of mesoappendix?

: 6. The esophagus enters the abdomen at the level of the 10th thoracic vertebra.
: a. True Agree. 8 and 12?

: 7. Appendices epiploicae are characteristic of the jejunum but not the ileum.
: a. False: along colon and not rectum Agree.

: 8. The four parts of the duodenum are; part I, part II, part III, and part IV.
: a. True: Cap, descending, transverse, ascending Agree.

: 9. Part IV of the duodenum ascends one vertebral level lower than part III
: a. False: ascends 1 vertebral level higher than part III Agree. Poor wording on my part.

: 10. The descending duodenum provides the inferior border of the epiploic foramen.
: a. True: Shared between 1st and 2nd part of duodenum Agree. Remaining 3 borders and communication?

: 11. The caudate lobe of the liver provides the superior border of the epiploic foramen.
: a. True Agree.

: 12. The epiploic foramen provides a communication between the left and right halves of the peritoneal cavity.
: a. False: communication between greater and lesser sac Agree.

: 13. The rectosigmoid junction marks a site of transition from intraperitoneal to retroperitoneal along the alimentary canal.
: a. True Agree. Know the peritoneal covering of parts of the rectum.

: 14. The pylorus is immediately proximal to the descending duodenum.
: a. False: immediately proximal to the cap of the duodenum Agree.

: 15. The hepatoduodenal ligament contains the common bile duct, proper hepatic artery, and portal vein.
: a. True Agree. What additional structures?

: 16. The hepatogastric ligament contains the left and right gastric arteries.
: a. False: contains left gastric artery Disagree. Right gastric artery reaches the lesser curvature. Thus, in both ligaments of lesser omentum.
: b. Right gastric is associated w/ hepatoduodenal - What video?
: 17. The anterior wall of the stomach faces the pancreas.
: a. False: the posterior aspect of the stomach and floor approach pancreas Agree. Floor?

: 18. The bare area of the liver (don't feed the bares) is defined by reflections of the coronary ligament.
: a. True Agree.

: 19. The hepatorenal ligament, in part, forms a boundary of the hepatorenal recess.
: a. True Agree.

: 20. The ligamentum venosum is a site of attachment for the hepatogastric ligament.
: a. True Agree. Fetal counterpart and function?

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