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The Structural Basis of Medical Practice (SBMP) - Human Gross Anatomy, Radiology, and Embryology

Answer Guide for Abdomen, Pelvis, and Perineum Essay Examination (36 pts) - September 22, 2005

The College of Medicine at The Pennsylvania State University

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[ Ischiorectal Fossa ] [ Liver and Gall Bladder ] [ Rectum ]
  1. Present a comprehensive review of the ischiorectal fossa. Include boundaries, fascial specializations, relationship to the superficial and deep pouches, and provide explanation why infections in the ischiorectal fossa might not enter the superficial or deep pouches. (12 pts)

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  2. Review the anatomy of the liver and the gall bladder. Include structure, supporting elements, peritoneal relationships, vasculature, lymphatic drainage, innervation (e.g., preganlionic, postganglionic, afferent innervation and pathways), and relationships to surrounding structures and spaces. (12 pts)

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  3. Review the anatomy of the rectum. Include relationships to peritoneum and surrounding structures, innervation (e.g., preganglionic, postganglionic, afferent innervation and fiber pathways), vasculature, and lymphatic drainage. What structures can be palpated upon rectal examination of the male? (12 pts)

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The Structural Basis of Medical Practice - Human Gross Anatomy
The College of Medicine of the The Pennsylvania State University
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